Thank you for your interest in the TDFD. 

There are several ways to partner with us. 


TDFDx Roundtable is focused on engagement, enlightenment, and enhancement.

  • TDFDx Roundtable brings together like-minded individuals from across sectors and regions to broaden perspectives and utilize interdisciplinary knowledge to function as effective advocates for increased awareness of Digital-ESG. 
  • TDFDx Roundtable seeks to enlighten its members and others in the academic, business, policy, and civil communities through continued discussion of the issues and approaches that present the greatest challenges and opportunities.
  • TDFDx Roundtable develops recommendations for improvement in the TDFD Framework. 
  • The TDFDx Roundtable proceedings are published in two forms: 1) blog posts for the general public and 2) reports to the Secretariat. 

TDFDx Knowledge is a recurring venue for the exchange of knowledge and information.

  • TDFDx Knowledge partners with universities and research institutes globally to bring in and deliver research-based resources and insights to support the TDFD Framework.
  • TDFDx Knowledge works together with policy think tanks and other NGOs to share knowledge and expertise to help catalyze effective and coordinated action.    
  • TDFDx Knowledge connects with civic organizations to introduce our work to the public and receive feedback.




TDFDx Knowledge is a recurring venue for the exchange of knowledge and information.

  • TDFDx Industry offers industry-specific working groups to identify and address specific issues in the given industry. They will discuss industry-specific measures to effectively address these digital-related challenges and opportunities.

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